Maple Ridge Health Care Center


Maple Ridge Health Care Center

3 days 17 hours ago

We've been enjoying the outdoors and sitting on the porch every chance we get. We decided it was a good idea to make sun visors

Maple Ridge Health Care Center

3 days 22 hours ago

Happy National Blueberry Day! We all enjoyed delicious blueberries for a morning snack!

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While COVID-19 has changed our world, our commitment to patient care remains the same. It's about the patient, every step of the way.

We will be continuously updating our website on the status of COVID-19 here at Eastlake to quickly communicate all new information with you. We want to assure you that we are following the CDC and DPH guidelines for Nursing Homes.

We are now seeing a number of residents who are well enough to consider taking off  precautions, which is very encouraging.

Please be aware that each family is notified individually of COVID-19 results and any other changes in a resident’s condition. Our staff will be calling designated family members with current updates on those who are positive. We are doing our best to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to all of our residents and to their loved ones. We recognize the hardship that these times have placed on our residents and their families, and it is painful for us to see our residents separated from their loved ones. Please continue to have our families and residents in your prayers.

Maple Ridge Health Care Center is completely dedicated to the health and well-being of the people it cares for. Let us care for you today!
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